Past two night shananigans. #uofi #fact (Taken with Instagram)

picture from the other weekend

cindy and christines birthday weekend

This is the life #uofi @cindywin @choyface @jstshawn @rramos20  (Taken with Instagram)

posted anything lately. so lets take this slowly… in the past few months/weeks. i have officially lost my relationship. which is whatever at this point in my life. i am tired of putting in so much effort. i can no longer stop him from doing his thing.. so ill just continue to do mine. yes, we still talk and whatever. but its like i just need him in my life even though were not together anymore. its not being together. i just dont want to lose him. it might sound dumb. but whatever. mmmm.. i posted pictures from halloween but i will share my adventure with kathy and her cousins. we went to wriggly ville (spell check? LOL) went to a few bars. it was fun. it was a good pick-me-up after everything that happened. tuesday? or something like that i thought of yet another tattoo idea because of everything that was going on in my life. i thought of getting the word “believe” on my ring finger. it signifies that i believe one day someone will come into my life and treat me how im suppose to be treated. i have been in a four year relationship that obviously didnt work out for me. i just got out of a two year relationship that didnt work either. i know that i am young and there are lots of “fish in the sea”. well, thats my whole reason behind it. im the type of girl that gives everything in the relationship to see it work out because i cant see it fail. i cant have something fail on me. thats how it will always and forever be. im stubborn about it. and i dont give up. i think im just rambling now, but i think everyone gets the picture.. soooo.. hello tattoo #3 thats still in the process of healing. thenn friday, i was off to uofi for FACT. we stayed at my friends apartment and basically chilled the whole weekend. went to the afterset thats always at canopy. and boyyy was that a trippppp. haha. kinna a lot to talk about, but it was overall a good trip. again, just what i needed. :) then!!! LOL. went shopping with cindy on monday. we were bored and had nothing to do at the mall. soo we decided to get our cartilage pierced. OMG. (still hurts!) LOL! i am just piercing and tattooing myself left and right. and i plan on changing my hair color. im going INSANE. LOOOOL.  my life is just looking up from here. i like where my life is at. 

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